It was a rough weekend for MAGA supporters as Liberals once again proved there is no limits to their hate. The MSM pushed a false story attacking teenagers with MAGA hats from Covington Catholic High School, which resulted calls for violence against both the MAGA teens who were falsely accused of racism, and normal MAGA Supporters – who are also falsely accused of racism.

The intentions of this page is for historical purposes so that we can see who these people really are. If you are aware of any other posts and pages with records of this outrage, you can link it to me via the Contact form on the website or via social media and I will include them at the bottom – because this is not something that should be ignored. Violence against those who you disagree with is bad enough, but when it’s against children it is unforgivable.

Michael Buchanan (@HouseShoes) calling for the shooting of MAGA supporters, as well scalping and burning Covington Catholic High School down

He tried to run this one back, saying that fire on them meant punch – we all know to fire on someone is to shoot at them.

Cosmo Strauss (@CosmoBaker) offering to scalp MAGA supporters

Jack Morrissey (@Jack_Morrissey) supports putting MAGA Kids in a wood chipper

He proceeded to make his account private after this tweet

Reza Aslan (@rezaaslan) advocates violence against children

John Yarmuth (@RepJohnYarmuth) pushes fascist ideals, removing free speech

Ross Douthat (@DouthatNYT) also pushed for removing free speech and expression

One reply to Ross Douthat I felt should be highlighted

Kara Swisher @KaraSwisher calling MAGA teens “Nazi Youth”

Ana Navarro (@ananavarro) labels the children racist simply for wearing a MAGA hat

@we_dems (70k+ followers) identifies a minor over politics and the wrong one at that – resulting in threats

Below is the backlash due to threats against the family

Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) publishing lies about the children

Christopher C. Cuomo (@ChrisCuomo) defending the media’s fake narrative

Anne Helen Petersen (@annehelen) takes the opportunity to attack white men

Alex Cranz (@alexhcranz) also felt the need to take this opportunity to attack white men and President Trump

Goldie Taylor (goldietaylor) also decided it would be a good idea to attack white people

USA Today (@USATODAY) published lies about the children

NBC News (@NBCNews) pushes fake narrative against MAGA Teens

Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) asks for children’s personal information to post to millions of followers

Dan Rather (@DanRather) pushing the false narrative against the MAGA Teens

Polly Sigh (@dcpoll) calls the MAGA Teens racist and peddles fake narrative

Karen Tumulty (@ktumulty) pushes the fake narrative against the MAGA Teens

Infowars also has a post about the same subject with tweets I wasn’t able to archive or screenshot in time, I definitely recommend checking out the post there as well.