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Video can be found online at: https://rumble.com/vox489-cowardcast-a-kitchen-sink-analysis-of-tim-pool-timcast.html

In an age where we are constantly bombarded by propaganda and half-truths it is nearly impossible to find a media source, independent or not, who is completely truthful and unafraid to speak that truth. This leaves us with the options of the oligarchy owned mainstream media and their sponsored social media actors, or attempt to find the least bias source possible.

While I find myself disagreeing with Tim Pool more often than not, I still find myself consuming his content for his wish-washy take. Even though I personally believe Timothy is a massive coward in some aspects I still respect the work he does and will do my best to hear out his side of things. While there have definitely been times where I turned off his content and watched someone else or did something else entirely, there is one recent topic he has been extremely afraid to man up about.

He recently tested positive for covid and took the smart path to health where he took the proven treatment of Ivermectin combined with antibodies. While he has personally witnessed the capabilities of this proven medical treatment he is constantly referring to how he is afraid of directly mentioning it. He also complains about he was allegedly spammed with tweets from far-left radicals about taking the safer treatment.

This is the same Tim Pool who claims he no longer reads his comment sections or mentioned tweets because they are mostly spam and non-sense propaganda. That’s right, you heard correctly and he has apparently reneged on that line of thought and as a result has become afraid to talk about how he became better after contracting the so-called world-ending virus covid-1984. So I must ask, which is it Timothy? Do you read your comments and interactions or do you ignore them? Are people really harassing you over getting better and if so why do you care? If you truly got better using your doctors prescribed treatment then why are you so perpetually afraid of how others may see you as a result? Unless you’re a coward of course and take to heart every word from critics and haters.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too Timothy, you should know this. Especially considering it is a phrase you have mentioned in numerous videos on various subject matter.

This one aspect alone is making me not even want to consume your product, even simply for a differing view point as you have shown you are terribly afraid of opposition. A prime example of this is your podcast, TimCastIRL where you had no choice but to fire Adam Crigler because he was quickly becoming the fan favourite and most popular voice on the show. You went so far as to ensure this never happens again that you replaced him with Ian Crossland who speaks purely on an emotional reactive level and never on a logical one. Ian will cry about something and immediately turn around to say he knows nothing of the situation and yet continues to act like a spoiled child about that very same topic.

You had to replace Adam because he was too logical and was showing how stubborn your line of thinking really is. Now, I will be the first to admit I don’t particularly like Adam as I get the impression from him that he believes he is superior to others, just like you Timothy. And this is why he couldn’t work long term on TimCastIRL, because you had two voices trying to dominate each other – one with facts and research while the other (that’s you Timmy) based his opinions on half-truths and non-research.

The greatest example of this is your non-stop belittling of Alex Jones only to bring him onto your show for the numbers boost. Within a week of his first appearance Tim was back to his old foolish self of claiming Alex is a cook and a nut who is more emotional than factual. Seems like a lot of projection to me.

Through your constant actions to silencing of those who have a bigger voice with more reasoning and logic than yourself you have done nothing but push away critical and independent thinkers. We look at how you portray someone like Alex only for you to turn around and have him on your show to reap the benefits of his popularity.

I really hate how as a logical thinker I want to listen to all sides of a story because it puts me into situations where I completely resent the actions of someone I’m listening to, but I won’t stop listening unless it is on the same level as the domestic terror coverups constantly pushed by the mainstream media. There are times where I wish I could be as radical as yourself and ignore opposing ideas, but I can’t. I’m just built different I guess.

While I will admit that Tim is a better source than the main stream media and a lot of other social media influencers, I can’t help but also notice how close is actually is to them. If he were truly a stand up man with morals he wouldn’t need to lie or coverup the truth constantly, and I guess that is where my problem lies with him. His inability to leave behind his radical viewpoints in order to portray a truly independent narrative. This is the same reason I know he will never hear this, because he is too much of a coward to actually listen to opposing voices unless it brings him a viewership spike along the lines of Alex Jones.

What Tim does is no different than what the mainstream media attempts to do and the more I watch and listen to his hypocrisies the more I am able to see it.

If you’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to state their true feelings and opinions then maybe I could interest you in joining me, in Departing Dystopia.

I have no set schedule for uploads as I only make videos and discussions around topics I am truly passionate about. At the moment I do have a few video ideas that a truly independent mind would be interested in and appreciate so I’d love to hear if anyone would like me to go ahead and finish those up for your enjoyment.

As for hearing from me between videos I don’t have many social media accounts as the truth is too powerful for many social media companies to allow. I do have an account on gettr which can be found in the description below as well as my website with a newsletter that will notify you whenever I make a new post. On my website you can also find an archive with all of my previous projects, some of which are more relevant today than the day I published.

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