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The year is 2046 and we’ve just come out of a third world war with one of the strangest hearings in history. The leader of the ChiCom who lead the recently defeated All-World-Communist party has been found not guilty of committing any war crimes. You may be wondering how we got here.

After years of non-stop world wide attacks at the hands of groups who were unable to handle criticism and the subsequent change of powers has resulted in many illogical changes in society. The biggest change though, being able to avoid guilt by association of those under your own control. It changed how organized crime fundamentally worked. No longer does organized crime try to stick to the shadows, but instead a constant battle for popularity and virality in the permanently online-society. Instead, the leaders of the groups controlling the no-go zones around the world have managed to manipulate public opinions with overwhelming propaganda can publicly issue hits on the opposition without fear of responsibility for their actions. Instead of them facing any consequences for their actions they simply hire one of the many serfs to take the temporary role of “Opposition Cleanser” who, even while under the direct orders of the criminal syndicate leaders, take full responsibility for any actions that may occur after their subsequent hiring.

The limits of this role know no bounds in what we could refer to as a moral society, but we are far from there anymore. The oppositional cleanser may sound like a complicated job where you are going to do many things you will regret and a dirty job, but that is far from the truth. In reality their only true responsibility in their role is to procure weapons and poisons for the criminal leaders to use directly on their opposition. Yes you’ve heard that correctly, they don’t even have to be alive anymore to be the one who collects responsibility. More often than not, in this line of work, the serfs will immediately create a Will in order to give all of their contractual earnings to their family in hopes they can one day afford to go a day without worry of starving.

Nine times out of ten upon signing the contract the chosen serf will be promptly taken to a weapons outlet to purchase said weapons. Upon a successful purchase they are execute while the weapon is passed up the chain to the boss. After which all further attacks with said weapon will be solely attributed to the recently removed oppositional cleanser.

The elites have managed to convince their subordinates that they are responsible for their actions, instead of any longer having personal responsibility.

Rewind back to October 2021 and you may be wondering what on God’s green Earth you just listened to. Well, as terrifying and far off from reality you may want to believe it to be – it’s actually not a far off possibility for our futures if we continue on down the path of cowering to outrage culture.

As many of you are already aware, Alec Baldwin, a Hollywood anti-gun activist who continually portrays himself as a gun-touting hard-ass in film as recently shot and killed a woman on his set of the film “Rust.” A very simple story of personal responsibility that will more-than-likely go unpunished simply because Alec Baldwin has established some sort of cult following for his antics. On a movie set where he was the lead producer and lead actor there has been multiple gun-safety violations, all of which have been voiced by those who had worked on-set. The safety violations were so severe that a majority of the staff actually walked off of the job because of a simple fear of someone being injured, or worse…killed.

The media has been pushing a defense for the indefensible Baldwin saying that he has no responsibility and that nothing which occurred could have happened differently had he actually had any sense of morality or any grasp on reality. Instead we’ve heard nothing but blame assigned to individuals who Alec personally vetted for their positions on his set. We are no longer in a world where those in charge are responsible for their actions, but instead they can blame any in the train of tragic events leading up to their personal neglect and the media will push with all of its might in that direction.

This has been a severe lack of personal responsibility right from the start and is only going to result in more identical instances in the future. While organizing the production of the movie “Rust” Alec Baldwin hired two unqualified personal whom the media is trying their hardest to push blame onto. The first of which being the Assistant director, who in 2019 had been apart of the mishandling of a live fire-arm on set and resulted in his subsequent firing. The second of which being some 24 year old woman I’ve never heard of, and you probably haven’t either. That point in and of itself is perfectly acceptable, but what is not when you see how underqualified this person really was. She had only had one previous job as a quote firearms’ expert on a set where she openly expressed her fear for simply loading blank rounds into a gun that was to be used during filming. That seems like the last person someone would hire for something as serious as a firearms expert, but I guess that’s what you gets at the hands of what can only be described as typical Hollywood inbreeding and corruption.

Ultimately though, these people do not hire and vet themselves for their positions…that’s on the lead producer, or in this case someone who coincidentally is the lead actor on set and the center of this controversy, Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin hired unqualified personal for their personal connections and completely neglected all personal responsibility when it came to the safety of others on his set just so he could get a friend another gig in the industry. First the media blamed the 24 year old Hannah Reed for allowing a hot gun on set. Then they shifted their blame to the assistant director who claims to have shouted out the gun was cold before handing it to Alec on set. But what happened next? Alec pointed it at the camera, a far from standard practice in film-making, and pulled the trigger. Not once did he stop and check to see if the gun was loaded. He trusted that these unqualified people whom he personally vetted were telling the truth. The problem here is that leaves no responsibility for the one who pointed a weapon at something they did not intend to kill or destroy and pulled the trigger with no regard for those on-site and immediately forward in the direction of the pointed weapon.

There are some very basic rules to gun safety that even those who don’t own a gun will reluctantly admit to being aware of. You never point a gun at something you do not intend to kill, maim, or destroy. You treat every weapon as loaded, even in the event that you know it is not – because practice makes perfect. When given a weapon that is claimed to be unloaded the first thing one should do is immediately proceed to make sure the magazine, cylinder, clip and/or chamber (depending on the weapon) are empty before handling the firearm. If any mishandling of a firearm is to occur everything needs to stop. Everyone needs to be made fully aware of this extreme lack in safety protocol and you should be mocked or have your rights immediately suspended or revoked.

You may have a right to a firearm, but you do not have the right to misuse it and cause egregious bodily harm and death because you feel you are superior to those around you. But I guess that’s what separates myself from a drama-club kid like Alec. I would take full responsibility for my actions if I were in his shoes and would work my hardest to ensure those who were affected by my negligence are never put at a risk like that again. But I guess that’s also one of the many reasons I’ll never be popular in the cult of modernity.

If I ever hired someone unqualified I would halt everything I was doing and find either another line of work, vet someone qualified to take over the leadership role to prevent this from occurring again in the future, or figuring out how I was tricked into hiring someone unqualified. If at any point I simply stopped caring about their qualifications and something regretful were to ever occur at the hands of the unqualified person I would feel personally responsible for their actions. And at the opposite end of the spectrum, even if I vetted and hired the most qualified personal for their positions I would still make sure to double-check all safety guidelines and regulations when it was my turn to bat.

The ability to take responsibility for my actions and laziness is what makes me a better man than the Hollywood hypocrite Alec Baldwin. And that is why you can join me in fighting the ever-looming technocratic totalitarianisms and join me, in Departing Dystopia.

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Just someone who stands up for free speech like we all should. Big Brother is here, will you hide in fear and shame, or will you stand up and speak out at all costs? They think we're evil, we just think they're wrong. Freedom is worth fighting for, for it is all we have that makes us unique. Without freedom, we're just clones. Freedom has brought us the greatest creations in the world, and we wouldn't be able to have this argument without freedom. Be weary of those who want to suppress speech with violence, for they have something to hide.