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Alternative link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZoebmmrlySo/

Florida Woman arrested for threatening to shoot up a school full of children, an illegal alien arrested and charged for serial murder, and updates on the Colorado STEM School Shooters.

A Florida Woman was arrested and charged with making written threats to commit a terrorist act after she made a post on facebook threatening to shoot up a school.

In Texas an illegal alien from Kenya was arrested and charged with 11 additional murders on top of his previous murder charge from 2018, for a total of 12 known murder victims.

Do not let the MSM’s silence on these stories keep them suppressed.  Speak out against their lies and seek the truth.

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Just someone who stands up for free speech like we all should. Big Brother is here, will you hide in fear and shame, or will you stand up and speak out at all costs? They think we're evil, we just think they're wrong. Freedom is worth fighting for, for it is all we have that makes us unique. Without freedom, we're just clones. Freedom has brought us the greatest creations in the world, and we wouldn't be able to have this argument without freedom. Be weary of those who want to suppress speech with violence, for they have something to hide.