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This subject is a tough one, what determines the line between good and bad in terms of censorship? Is it even possible to draw a line? Honestly, it’s hard to say. We’re so used to censorship that it’s hard to even imagine life without it at this point. Obviously it’s not impossible, but even from a childhood we experience censorship. From education to entertainment, there’s censorship everywhere. We protect children from the real world until they’re able to process it themselves and make their own decisions, but it doesn’t stop there. Even entertainment and educational resources meant for adults have started being censored in the name of “progressive liberalism” which is pretty regressive.

Entertainment is forever changing, especially in the last 10 years. Life has sped up drastically since the main stream adoption of social media and as a result there has been a constant influx of information, both true and false. We’ve come to the age old dilemma of just because we can do something, should we? Because of social media people are addicted to incoming information, but no longer have the time to process existing information before a new piece comes along to shove it aside. This creates anxiety, which makes people more likely to see a problem where there isn’t one and want to censor it. One of the things that seems to trigger anxiety the most is provoking thought and differing opinions.

It seems as though charismatic voices are censored while extreme ones are left untouched. Is there a reason for this? Personally I believe so, let me explain. I believe someone like Gavin McInnes is censored because he’s charismatic, funny, and provokes thought and is definitive in his views. This is a threat to the left because he takes apart their arguments easily while still being entertaining. People see someone like that and they become interested in hearing more from them, which usually means more myths and stories debunked from the left’s narrative. I would love for it to stop here, and just be a case of jealousy – but it goes further. They don’t ban people who actually call for violence, but instead the ones who can lose them followers and believers. You see, they have to leave the extremists up because they use them as an example of how everyone who opposes them acts. They do it for propaganda, and if the censored people find new platforms they get attacked relentlessly by the mentally unstable mob while being lied about and defamed.

Now let’s step back and think about when censorship can be beneficial. It can protect our children, but that’s about it. I want to argue that it can shut down violence, but I know that words aren’t violence, even if the ideas behind them are. If censoring people who actually incite violence worked then maybe I could find a point to argue for it, but I can’t as it is. Because if you silence them instead of debating them they will get louder over time, which can be both beneficial and a massive downside. You can cause more violence by censoring someone because they will believe that is their only way to communicate after you completely censor them, but that’s what they want. Even if it’s them threatening violence against your free speech, they don’t care, they just want to be able to say that in some way or form the people who oppose them incite violence – even if it’s their people doing it. Because the only way to shut free speech down is to lie about it.

I’ve realized something while making this, I realized how they say conservative speakers cause violence – which proves my intuition of this not being a simple case of jealousy. They brainwash people with censorship from a young age and ramp it up as they get older, making sure they have them in their grips. Then when they give the order and announce they’re under attack they can come in and suppress the so-called attack with violence, because they’ve been taught that’s the next step after deplatforming.

They know anyone who can see through their lies and communicate that clearly is able to destroy their movement, because it’s based on lies, deceit, and manipulation. Everyday that passes by is a day closer to being completely under Big Brother, but we still have the power to speak out and defend ourselves and our opinions. We do not need to hide in shame, that’s what they want. Their goal is to intimidate us by banning the prominent voices, sending a message to us that if we speak out we will the next to be deplatformed and dehumanized. In times like these I think about George Orwell and his book 1984 where he wrote, “Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime is death.” That is exactly how the left treat anyone with opposing beliefs. If you speak out against them and become prominent they will do everything they can to turn you into a monster in the eyes of the uninformed. They will doctor videos or flat out lie if they have to, they do not care about the rules themselves, only that you fall in line.

It’s very telling when conservative speakers are now required to have large security details to do public speaking because of the left and their obsession with violence. Many conservative speakers have had to cancel events due to threats of violence from the left. That’s right, free speech is being shut down with violence – just like in a communist country, and that’s what they want. They want communism, that’s what this is all about. They even call each other comrade and wear pure black with faces covered, to look the same – because under communism we are all the same.

Remember, they will do whatever it takes to censor those who disagree with them – so it is paramount that we continue to speak up and be heard. If we lose our freedom of speech and opinion, then we lose everything that makes us unique. We are not exact copies of one another like them. We disagree with each other and get along while when they disagree they attempt to completely destroy that with which they disagree. Both good and bad ideas need to be thrown into the light for everyone to see, not hidden away and unable to be debated.

Speak out against censorship, and join me in Departing Dystopia.

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Just someone who stands up for free speech like we all should. Big Brother is here, will you hide in fear and shame, or will you stand up and speak out at all costs? They think we're evil, we just think they're wrong. Freedom is worth fighting for, for it is all we have that makes us unique. Without freedom, we're just clones. Freedom has brought us the greatest creations in the world, and we wouldn't be able to have this argument without freedom. Be weary of those who want to suppress speech with violence, for they have something to hide.