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No shit they’re violent you fucking retard. Antifa is a domestic terror group, stop fucking defending them like some brain dead mindless drone. Stop hiding their violence and show them as the fascist they pigs are. They aren’t fucking anti-fascist dumb ass, that’s called a facade.

I can’t believe you’re 52 and don’t know what a facade is. Do you really think a fascist is stupid enough to label themselves a fascist? What sort of kool-aid are you drinking? Are you even sane enough to be in the media? Every single time you open your mouth you continue to amaze me with how much stupidity one person can spew in so little time.

Hypocrites like you are the reason the main stream media are dying. You’d rather blame someone else for your problems, but one of these days you need to face the fact that the only common denominator in your problems is yourself. Maybe once you realize that you can stop being such a hypocritical virtue signalling piece of shit.

Sorry I had to get that off my chest, I cannot believe how many mindless retards follow this guy and everything he says. He literally defends a terrorist group and says white people are the problem. There’s only so much fake news bullshit people can handle, and you sure like to push people past that limit.

The left supports opening our borders to terrorists, they support domestic terror, the suppression of speech, killing babies, bringing in illegals, unvetted migration, voter fraud, massive tax rates, lower standard of living, and white genocide. Oh and they’re anti-science. There’s more, but why waste my time. How can anyone with a conscience support that? Oh right, they don’t have one. Anyone who isn’t blind or paid off can see how evil and hate fill the left are. Supporting the left is the equivalent of supporting Hamas, which coincidentally in Canada just happened to happen. The Canadian Federal government just gave $50M to Hamas, and we all know about the $10.5M they gave to Omar Khadr the terrorist on film manufacturing bombs.

Which, by the way, leftists I have something to say to you –

You wonder how people are able to campaign against you and win by just saying, “We’re not the liberals.” Well maybe instead of blaming others you should realize that your side has gotten so unstable that the only platform someone needs to beat you is to simply not be you. Did you ever think of that? Instead of blaming so-called white nationalism or any other garbage you spew to try to defame anyone who opposes you, you should instead reflect inward and realize just how batshit crazy your side has become and what you’ve become blind to.

It’s funny how close ISIS and AntiFa are. They are even stupid enough to film themselves committing acts of violence, just like ISIS. Time and time again AntiFa upload footage of themselves attacking people thinking they’re right, and time and time again they remove the videos after backlash. Not to mention they hide their faces because of what heinous crimes they commit. You don’t fight speech with violence, that’s what people who are afraid do.

And that’s exactly why I’m Departing Dystopia.

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Just someone who stands up for free speech like we all should. Big Brother is here, will you hide in fear and shame, or will you stand up and speak out at all costs? They think we're evil, we just think they're wrong. Freedom is worth fighting for, for it is all we have that makes us unique. Without freedom, we're just clones. Freedom has brought us the greatest creations in the world, and we wouldn't be able to have this argument without freedom. Be weary of those who want to suppress speech with violence, for they have something to hide.