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Police are seen dressed in plainclothes with armbands resembling the SS
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6UpuouOomU (TS: 1:16:10)

It’s funny really.  It’s funny how if you oppose the left with their globalist regimes and communist agenda that they label you a Nazi, racist, sexist, bigot, homophobic, and many more things they claim to be against.  They claim they’re against fascism yet ostracize anyone who opposes them, threatening them with violence whenever they speak out or defend themselves.  They label you a racist while shouting that white people are the problem with society, and claim you’re sexist while simultaneously saying men should be treated lesser than women.

For the past four weeks there have been protests throughout France which are spreading throughout Europe, opposing the globalist agenda of the European Union and the suffering they instill with their policies and orders.  The protesters call themselves “Gilets Jaunes” which comes from a law in France that states that all vehicles must have two yellow safety jackets in it at all times.  They are protesting more than that though, they are standing up against the suffering their government has put them through with their globalist policies.  These aren’t just conservative protesters, there are liberals and libertarians too.  This is not a bipartisan issue, this is the French citizens standing up for themselves and their culture.

In recent years the EU have brought in more and more so-called refugees, causing crime rates to rise and culture to be destroyed.  What they are doing is unsustainable, so in order to pay for these immigrants they raise the taxes and price of everything to the point that their own citizens will be living in poverty soon.  People cannot even afford to drive to work or home.  They are being forced to live a third world style life simply because their government thought it was necessary to bring in millions of immigrants to appeal to the radical left and their globalist movement.

In order to shut down the protests, which have started turning violent with the complete lack empathy and reform shown by their government, the French government decided they would bring in the modern day “SS” for crowd control.  Due to French police refusing to arrest protesters while standing with them in solidarity a more drastic measure was required to silence those who oppose the globalist agenda being shoved down their throats.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KP7rMiNBew  (TS: 3:04:30)
A French protester is seen being dragged away by the modern SS
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KP7rMiNBew  (TS: 3:04:30)

Not since the Nazi regime invaded France in WWII has there been foreign soldiers to overtake French citizens.  There were French citizens who have lost eyes due to the “Police” shooting less-lethal rounds at their faces.  They can be seen many times throughout various videos pointing their 40MM grenade launchers directly at the protesters faces while they are on their knees with their hands up from less than two feet away.  They may be “less lethal” than standard guns, but they can still cause serious bodily harm and even death.  I looked up some pictures to show you what exactly they’re shooting into peoples faces and causing their eyeballs to explode on contact.

Source: http://files.pressherald.com/uploads/2015/08/Less-Lethal-Bullets_Wake.jpg
Source: https://www.dailynews.com/wp-content/uploads/migration/2016/201611/NEWS_161129589_EP_-1_AXFTJYMAYOMA.jpg
A Nazi Waffen-SS Uniform with their swastika armband
Source: http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/attachments/ss-uniforms-insignia/457556d1359327258-new-ss-tunic-img_8753.jpg

Notice the similarities between the Waffen-SS uniforms and the modern “police” uniforms?  Pure black except for a coloured armband depicting their allegiance.  The “police” armbands do say police, but just like the SS uniforms they show no country flag because they resemble the globalist regime that controls them.

I am scared for the future of France and EU, I worry about the violence and economic damage the globalist agenda pushes for.

I stand with my French brothers and sisters against Globalism, do you?

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