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Update as of 12-Dec-18 05:50 EST: Gavin has had his YouTube channel has been reinstated after false copyright claims

Alternative link https://www.bitchute.com/video/bHC3S0F4Y8Av

Many conservative speakers and figures are banned from social media falsely in order to suppress their vies and opinions, which is funny because that’s exactly what they stand up against. They are being ostracized and not allowed to defend themselves, all while being constantly defamed on social media by incorrectly being called a racist, sexist, or bigot – or whatever other random nonsense the mentally unhinged left comes up with today.

Let’s take a look at this recent deplatforming of Gavin McInnes. This isn’t something new, it’s something the violent and extremist has been trying to do for awhile. I went on Twitter today to see that not only had he been released from CRTV on Saturday the 8th of December, but his YouTube was banned today, the 10th of December. I’m hopeful here and believe this could be a mistake simply because he had CRTV clips on his channel and with his channel being released from their network it could have flagged all of the Get Off My Lawn clips and episodes. What most likely happened though is that someone went through all of his videos and searched for copyright content, just as someone had recently gone through Sargon of Akaad’s history looking for something to deplatform him from Patreon.

If you don’t believe they only go after those they disagree with, then why have Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, and David Duke not been banned from twitter and other social media? They do nothing but spew hate, so you can see that this isn’t really about hate. It’s about conforming. They deplatform you under the guise of hate speech because they don’t want their real motives exposed. Social Media and their extremely communist agenda are destroying society.

The organizations they stand behind are forced to pay out millions in slander & defamation law suits. They are the same people who say Trump hates all immigrants and believe any other nonsense the Big Brother media tels them to think.

They are nothing but clones screeching into the void about their delusions instead of getting help. If you tell them they need help they think you are attacking them instead of looking out for them, that’s how insane they are. So we can no longer look out for our own, or that’s offensive. It’s the same reason they would rather flood our society with illegal immigrants from the third world, because they hate everything about our freedom and great history. They’d rather everyone be the same, which means everyone lives at a third world standard. There’s no difference between moving to the third world and bringing the third world to you, you will suffer greatly from either choice. Living standards will fall, crime will increase, and the government will be forced to intervene – which is exactly what they want. They want us to become another North Korea or Venezeula where only the elites aren’t suffering, and that’s due to corruption and the violence they use to suppress opposing opinions.

They claim anyone who opposes their extremism and violence is a fascist because they only know how to project. That is why they think everyone is a racist or sexist and a bigot, because that’s how they were trained. They were trained what to think, and not how to think.

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Just someone who stands up for free speech like we all should. Big Brother is here, will you hide in fear and shame, or will you stand up and speak out at all costs? They think we're evil, we just think they're wrong. Freedom is worth fighting for, for it is all we have that makes us unique. Without freedom, we're just clones. Freedom has brought us the greatest creations in the world, and we wouldn't be able to have this argument without freedom. Be weary of those who want to suppress speech with violence, for they have something to hide.